Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hello everyone!!!

Okay this week was so much fun.
So because my companion is leaving we got to go to her Greenie area to 소개 or refer a investigator to the other sisters so us 4 and this investigator went hiking up this huge mountain where you can see all of Korea. It was sick. Korea is sooo pretty it is insane. Lately, everything is so green and it is starting to get really hot and humid!! AHH!!

Anywho, the next day we had Zone Conference. It was raining and we went on this island on the Han River and had our training there. It was really fun. I love getting to see our Mission President and his wife. They are seriously the best. They really are like your parents away from home. So that was really fun. So President Morrise has been encouraging everyone to do this "7 minute work-out" because he really has been stressing about exercising in the morning. So at Zone Conference we had the chance to do it. And if we bet him we got a sticker and we go on the board and if we just "participated" we got a sticker. Anyways, he is a 60 something year old man... How hard can it be do all these work outs in 7 minutes and beat him?.... Yeah, that was super hard. I haven't worked "hard core" for a long time. The old man beat me :) He pretty much beat every single one of us. It was soo funny. And what the best part was that the sticker was a picture of his face. I definitely put that in my PMG next to the work out section. :)

This week was just a day full of traveling. The next day we spent 4 hours traveling to do a Pass off with our APs. We also visit a bunch of people. We even have a new potential investigator. She is Japanese and was super sweet. She wants to read the Book of Mormon but wants to do it by herself and she is really busy so we are hoping that  we can continue to contact her as much as possible. Also during weekly planning we made a lot of appointments this week. So this week should be a crazy one! We will have to baptisms. (One a member and one is the Elder's investigator) and we have transfer call...ALREADY!! I can't belive I am going to be getting a new companion soon! I think that is crazy! Oh and our area just got bigger. So now we have half of 2 other areas so Bucheon just got bigger. We already have 150 members and it will go up to about 170-180. So I need all your prayers for when my companion goes home I will be able to handle all of this..

I love you all and I hope that all you dreams come true. You know I mean you get the answers to your prayers. I pray for you all and I hope you all doing well. Remember who you are and what you stand for!


Sister Leavitt

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