Thursday, May 14, 2015



This week was a really funny one. I wouldn't really consider it the best but you'll see has I write my letter. 

Hahaha okay so last Monday wasn't really P-day because we have Temple day this week so we have P-day on Thursday but we still get to email.. anyways,
Last week we met with this really old lady 임복심 She is serioulsy the funniest old thing. So in Korea the culture is that all the old people don't work but how they receive money is that they collect trash and they recycle it. Like I told you before they don't have normal trash her.. everything is recyclable. Like there isn't trash cans, there are certain areas for plastic, paper, cans, foil, food, ect. So we had a meeting to met with her and she was just picking up trash and like I don't even know how to explain it... just being an old person. So we help her a little bit going to each house and picking up there beer cans and that sort of thing. When we first walk into her house there is food drying everywhere. That is how lots of old Korean like their food is dried. So we get in there and she feed us her homemade potoatoes and kimichi and this weird fish soup that I still don't like. It is just like the whole fish is sitting in a bowl of random stuff found in Korea. Anyways as we start finishing up on our dinner she turns on her TV to her Korean Soap opera. Korean LOVE their soap operas. Like they eat kimichi and watch soap operas. So she is sitting in her room and laughing and talking to herself. We then join her in her bedroom. (That usually where we always teach is on the beds. Yeah a little weird but it is culture.) So we begin to teach her our message but she doesn't turn the TV off and you can't really tell and older person what do to in Korea so we let it play. Then as we are teaching she was like I know English and starts doing alphebet. "ABCEGH" we were like you are missing some letters. And she like no.. I don't think so. (I don't know how to translate that in english) So then we move on to numbers and she goes "1234567910" haha we were like you are missing "par" and she was like no.. But the funny thing is that numbers are universal so anyways... Old people are just funny. And because it warming up they are starting to work our more outside and it is the cutest thing. They get all the old people together in a circle at the park and raise and low their hands to ooooollllldddd Korean music... Ahh they are so cute. I will have to show you a video later.

Okay later on this week.we went to the temple. Temple is always so nice when we go but this time I lost my name tag there so for the rest of the day I had to not "be a missionary" :( it was sad. I have only one more so I have to order more. Anyways, Brady should be getting a package soon!! yeah...

I save the best for last just to see if you are all still reading...

WE HAD A BAPTISM!! WHoo! Okay so this girl has been taught for the past year and she has gone through a lot of hard times and her mom wouldn't allow her to get baptized. So she finally got permission from her and we got the papers signed. She went through 5 interviews and finally got passed because she has just gone through a lot of hard times. So anyways, she finally got baptized yesterday. The funny thing is, so you know how they change into there baptism clothes and then come back and they do the program and the baptism is last. So what happened was that we went with her to go get changed and we were waiting there for a while until she was done and she says (in Korean) " Can I enter?" We thought she said "Can I return" which sounds really close to each other and we like of course like yeah come. And then she never came out and we called her name and there wasn't an answer. We open the doors to the font and she is just sitting there like okay I am ready someone baptize me. hahahaha it was literally the funniest things. So we had to find a new suit and get her all changed. She looked so pretty in her baptism dress. Reminded me of my own baptism. 

I just love Korea and the people here. Language is still hard. I don't know much. I hear all the time. It is not hard but it takes a long time. Yeah... it is taking me a really long time. But if you could keep sending me prayers to improve I would LOVE it haha

I love you all! I hope you have a fabulous weekend. Don't forget it is Brady's birthday. :) Do something fun for me for him..? haha LOVE you all I pray for you every week! Be safe. Read your scripture. Pray Daily


Sister Leavitt

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