Thursday, May 14, 2015



Had a really good week. Last week we went to the zoo! is was sooo much fun. We were suppose to go with our Zone but we couldn't find them so it was us and our District Leader and his companion. The zoo was extremely fun! We also got a new investigator. She is not in our area but she golden. But the only problem is that stopped calling us. We are hoping it's just her phone.

Anywho, Work here is going slowly but surely. This next week we are meeting a bunch of members and even a Less-Active wants to come to Stake Conference with us!! We are stoked. So At this stake conference. They are combining wards and all that great stuff so a lot will be changing. The Stake Center (which is in 인천) is HUGE!! It is 4 floors. 2 sacrament rooms. A bunch of rooms and even has a balcony. The best part about it, it is right on the intersection and right outside of a subway exit. People are going to swarming in. Korean culture is that they like anything that is super close. Sometimes they will even convert because the church is close :/ but anyways, this will be a good thing!!

The past few days have been raining. I haven't taken off my jacket for a while. So it is not too warm yet. I think Heavenly Father has been listening to my cries. I am soooo afraid for summer it is crazy!! I wish that it would stay like this for the rest of the time :)

Uhh... It is hard to tell you what has been going on because we have spent a lot of our time doing finding. WE walk and walk and walk AND walk. We are like the prioneer children. Man, these joke are good. Missionary for life. hahaha Yeah, just finding less actives and anyone who will talk to us :)
Can't wait to talk to you all in less than 3 weeks!! I miss you all and hope everything is going strong back home! LOVE YOU


Sister Leavitt


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