Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hello Everyone!!

So I will be skyping tomorrow so I will keep this email pretty short. :)

This week was amazing.  It was Kid's and Parent's Day this last week so a lot of people we out and around, buying each other flowers and spending time with family. But since we are new  these past few days we haven't had anyone to teach. We had just been visiting a Less Active which we love but we can visit her everyday all day so we really needed some investigators. Before my companion leaves this week she had a goal to get me one investigator. And we have 2 and 3 potential. It was a HUGE miracle. One of our investigators literally came after the church services yesterday and ask the Bishop what the church was and that she wanted to join the church because she heard it was so great! So we have a golden investigator all ready for lessons. We have a French investigator that the Elders ran into on the street and 소개ed to us. She says I don't want to join your church but I wanted to go straight to the source to find out what Mormons are because I have heard a lot of things because there are so many lies and steoreo types. And she thought the elders were so friendly and open minded. She loves our message we share with her and she tell us we have this light and peace about us. She came to on of our Member's Baptism yesterday. She thought it was sooo different. (and Korean Baptism are slightly different than the ones I have seen at home, but the same principles) And she loved the feeling that she got from all the Koreans even though she didn't quite understand them. Sister Mortensen translated for her. My companion is BOSS at Korean. So anyways, we have a lot of potential investigators that are coming with us to the BYU Wind Orchestra that is coming to our Area. So that is truly a blessing. We are meeting with a lot of our less actives we is finally meeting with us. Last week we met with a Japanese women and gave her a Japanese BOM and she is the cutest thing! Her kids were adorable. She married a Korean and her English is fly so we are trying to ease slowly with her because she "wants to do it by herself" but pray that her schedule will open up. Oh, also another really amazing miracle. So there is this thing called 가가호호 I am not sure what it is called in English.. knocking on doors? Anyways, we started at the top of this apartment building and we knock on doors and try to 소개 or introduce or church and our English Program. People were soo mean. We had another appointment at a members soon so we were going to just give up but we decided to do just one more floor. So we look out the balcony and we decided to do floor number 9. It was 4 floors down. We had no idea why but we decided to go. We got in the elevator and prayed to find someone who would be nice and talk to us and be intrested in either English or the Gospel. So we step out and we see a women she is taking our the trash. We thought she was our miracle but she took our name card and went on our way. It was getting close to leave but we decided to knock on a few doors. A lot opened to us but soon closed on us. We were going to give up so we decided to just one more door. We knock on it. She opens the door and puts the door stopper down. And just listens to us. She was sooo nice. We got exchange numbers and she was going to let us in right then but she wanted to clean up a little and we have a returning appointment. It was amazing! All she did was listen and she was not only interested in English but Gospel too. So this Thursday we will start our 30/30 program with her. And one more miracle I will share. This last Tuesday we were walking around finding less actives and one of our appointment canceled so we were just 전도ing or proselyting until our next 식사 or meal appointment. And we walked by a Alpha (which is a craft store, Koreans love their 문구s) and she randomly started walking in but realized that she shouldn't go in there because it would take away from proselyting time. I don't know why I did this but just pushed her in! So we were in there for not a specific reason and she said we needed to talk to people and this lady comes up to her and ask where our church is. Apparently she has been trying to look for a church because some Elders gave her a name card and she doesn't have a phone to find it. So asked us if we could show her on Sunday and meet her at the 역 or station. She was an older lady so when Sunday came we think she forgot because she didn't show. But she know has our number and hopefully again soon we can meet her. I just thought that was amazing because we didn't need to buy anything but we both felt prompted to go into this store.

I love my mission. I am learning that God blesses us with many miracles. It is not until we count the little things when we begin to recognize the things He does for us everyday. I think I love that the most as a missionary. Not a lot of baptism goes on in Korea but God does bless all his people in his time. I am soooo excited to talk with you all again. Don't quiz my Korean because yeah... I am still getting there.

I love you all, talk to you tomorrow!!

Sister Leavitt

P.S we had Transfer Calls yesterday. I am getting a Greenie Breaking a Korean. And I guess I am Senior now. I am not really sure what it means but I am a little nervous but I have met this Korean. She is super cute and super fly at English but I am going try my best to only speak Korean to her. :) I will tell you more tomorrow

P.S.S The pictures are us at the temple this last Thursday. One with my companion and one with my New Companion (at the this time we didn't know we would be companions)

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