Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hello FAMILY!!

How are you all!! I miss you! Not enough to come home but I miss you and love you all! I really want to here about how you all are doing! I should be sending 2 packages in a short time or maybe just one big one.. we will see. Anyways, this week was soooo interesting! haha I will start on Tuesday.

We did the normal, studied for 3 hours and had lunch. We then had a lesson with one of our recent converts. 박준회 (Park June He) She is the nicest smartest woman I have met. So We had a nice conversation and asked her about her week. She broke down telling us about her hard time with life and family. We then talked to her a little bit about how we can overcome problems and she just really wants to know what to do with her life and what path to take. So we then taught her about patriarchal blessings. Patriarchal blessings are really such a reward that we can have personal scriptures to help us make decisions and to guide us through out our lives. in Korean this is kind of a difficult subject to talk about and we had a little miracle. The institute coordinator had been walking in and out of our lesson to get things ready for whatever she was doing. Then she asked if she could help us out a little bit. We appreciated it so much. She then went on to tell her the importance of patriarchal blessings and she can used and receive it. The spirit was really strong and now she is getting hers this week! So I encourage everyone to get it. I have read mine at least once a week. It really does help to grow and to strengthen you spiritually.
But... this wasn't the "interesting" part I was talking about. So... after the lesson 박준회 & 김승하 came with us to a member's house right after the lesson. We head out and I got lost. I went the total opposite way and we had to figure out which way we needed to go. When we finally got to the subway station that we need to be at to transfer. ( 당산) We saw these deaf Korean people walk passed. All 5 of us had been taking Sign Language classes at church and we knew how to introduce ourselves so we kept thought about it and I had a feel like we needed to try to talk to them. So me and 긴승하 back and I started the conversation with them. "Hi, what is your name?" "My name is.." "I am learning sign language.." "Want to come to our class" And at this time I was trying to find the Korean Sign language missionaries' number ( I couldn't find it for the life of me) and I turn to my companions and I see Sister Stastny with this weird look on her face. And apparently as I was trying to talk to the deaf men another man came up to Sister Nebeker and stroked her arm and was talking so to her face. He was a drunken man who wanted to know why we knew sign language and then started talking about a bunch of weird things. 박준회 then tries to have Sister Stastny get us out of the situation and she was like you know Korean and you are 30, get us out of this. We eventually had to like tell him we have a appointment. As we were quickly walking away from him he like yells at us to have us eat with him. We said no but he kept insisting so we just ran. 
We get on the subway that took us to the stop where our member lives. There is literally two subways you can take. And there are sooo many stops. ( I will explain later why this is important) So finally get to our member's small house with us 5 and taught about hope and listened to her talk about life because she just really needs someone to listen to. Anyways, on our way back from our 45 min lesson (so it has been an hour since we were at the station) and we saw the same man again!!! He didn't see us but we ran sooo hard to the subway and this is where our miracle kicks in. 
Like I said there are 2 subways. One is an express which misses some stops and one is a normal one. So the first thing that was weird was out of all the stops we saw the same man twice but... as we were waiting for the subway to get back we were deciding on which one to take. At the moment I didn't care which one we needed to take. So we decide obviously,which ever one came first. The normal subway came up first and we were going to hop on it and that is when I decided... no, we should take the express one. As I said that the express one pulls up and we were caught in trying to pick a train and I was firm and said we need to take the express train.
They were going to argue. The express train doesn't take as long to get to our destination so we hopped on. The subway was a little packed so I was standing really close to this other woman and being a missionary you look at all your surroundings to pick up on something to say to them. This lady was on her phone (like anyone else) but I decided to try to read what she was reading. SHE WAS READING HER BIBLE! I like nudged my companions and our members and told them "Hey, she is reading her bible.What do I do!?" I then looked again to make sure and she was even reading in Mark! So I was nervous as ever so Sister Nebeker took it like a man and just started the conversation about the Bible. Then our members started talking to her. We thought we would have to end our conversation with her but she got off at our stop. We talked about who were are and our members bore testimony. We exchange numbers and got an appointment. Just like that we have a new investigator and a fellow-shipper. Our member is even staying in contact with her! It was such a blessing!! 

I am going to try to make this one shorter. So we went our with a member and her non-member husband to dinner. They took us to a NICE restaurant. Very Americanized. So at this restaurant it was as much wine and beer you can drink. Because he husband isn't a member he had about 3 to 4 glasses of wine by the time we went to share our message. It was actually kind of funny. We started to teach about Matt: 3:13-15 and how we can give Christ our burdens. He then talked about how he doesn't know if there is a God. How miracles are of the devil. But then would contradict himself by saying there are good. It just was interesting. And every time I spoke he questioned something. Like they were bad questions, they were actually really good. But I didn't have enough time to even explain what I was testifying about. But then she bore her testimony. And even in this busy loud restaurant I could feel the spirit so strong. You can tell she has just been going through a hard a time. Sometimes we plan a lesson who we think needs it but can end up being for someone completely different. 
On the way home, we were already going to be late getting to home (we have to be there by 9 or if we teach a lesson 9:30) and we were out of our area but still in our zone. So from Gangnam to Yeongdung-po it takes about thirty minutes and it was 8:45. But... we didn't get on the right subway. We went accidentally on the other side and as we sate there for about 20 mins Sister Stastny looks out the river and sees the river. She looks to me in a panic and says,"AHHH we are crossing the river, we have to get off NOW!" So then we had to call President about it. We were scared out of our minds. He handled it so calmly. We eventually got back to our house though around 9;45~10:00 

Anyways, this is the life a Sister Missionary.

I don't have time to write anymore. I love you all! I will try to send pictures!! Do good in the world!


Sister Leavitt

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