Thursday, May 14, 2015



Happy Easter.. Yeah Easter isn't really popular here bt it was my first Sunday in my new ward! This ward is HUGE! There are sooo many kids. It made me miss our wards in America :)

So I got a new companion. Her name is Sister Mortensen. She is the nicest ever. She loves sports and she is an amazing singer. She dies this next transfer. So I will say that I will probably get the most companions in our whole mission. Right now she is my 6th.
1st day with Sister Mortensen

Because we are white washing/ re-opening an area we don't know anything about it. We have to find a lot on our own. We are meeting with the girl name 유리 yu lee. She is really different and everytime we try to teach her she ends up like teaching us about her religion and shows us pictures of demons. So it is really weird. Anywho.. that is the only person we have met so far.

I love my District they are soo fun. Today we are going to the zoo and I don't really have that much to tell about this week because well... it is just all new to me.

The house we live in is so cute and ghetto. (In the ghettoooo...) <--- I forgot what that is off of and I think Elvis sings it.
Anyways, we have matress!!! Like what!? yeah I have been sleeping on (yo) and it is a Korean sleeping mat. But we now have a matress!

I am soo sorry this email is soo short..

Don't Forget to watch the video and General Conference. I really would like to hear what you thought of it. I haven't watched it yet because it has been translated into Korean but we should be watching it this week! I am excited!

I love you all soo much. This church is true.


Sister Leavitt

Ps.. remind me when I have to move again that I need to throw things out because packing everything was sooo hard!

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