Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hello FAMILY!!

Last week we went to a 목욕탕 last week. It was soooo refreshing. Lately I have had some really bad back problems. Like I have been aching in the weirdest spots on my back. I haven't ever had back pains before but I go to this "bathe house" and it was the most relaxing thing and I even talked to people and handed out name card. One lady even bought me a water. Koreans are soo nice. Anyways. Ohhh.. yeah yesterday we went to one of our English member's house to eat and share a small message with 3 other families. One of the mothers was talking about how she gives her kids pass along cards and they pass them out like crazy. And I was just curious. Do you all do that? Because it would make missionaries lives SOOOOOO much easier if you passed out the cards to people you know. It is more awkward for us to hand it out to people we absolutely don't know rather than members handing it out to friends. People see your example and that is really what bring people into this gospel. So my commitment to you is to hand out 3 name cards or pass along cards to your friends or co-workers. I know you are in Utah but find someone that stands out that really needs the gospel. 

One thing we did have this last week was the Relief Society Establishment Meeting. Our Stake did these dances and singing things it is sooo fun! Korean go all out for these things. I will send you a video our Ward did handbells and 2 women sang the OLDEST Korean song out there is was fun!! L)

Well time is flying by sooooo fast! We get transfer calls in like 2 weeks. I think I will be leaving YeongDong-Po ( I don't know how to spell it in English) 

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Be safe! Miss you


Sister Leavitt

Preaching the Gospel

Hanna was down for a couple of days. This is how she spent her time.

Back Problems

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