Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28 2016 last email

I should be shamed as a mother of a awesome Missionary. I haven't entered a post in quite sometime. Hopefully Hanna can catch this blog up when she gets home.  I wanted to at least post her last email. We love her and have missed her so much

Hello Family and Friend,
This is kind of weird to think that this will be my last email before going home. 
I guess to start I will tell you about last week.
We went on exchanges and I went with Sister Levitre who is also in my returning home missionary group?... or what we call 동기 We spent a lot of time talking and there as been times on my mission when I feel that I was not a successful missionary. Not because of numbers or anything but as sisters we really think to deeply about things but anyways, it was really comforting to her from her and her feelings on her mission. While me and Sister Levitre were together we met with of Potential Investigator 김유영s. She is really a different Korean. Most Koreans have the same mindset because that is just how their culture is but she is different. She actually reminds me a lot of mom. Very strong about the things she believes but is interested in learning more. We met her at a cafe and talked with her. Last time we met her we met with her friend who is a Christian and taught the first lesson to her. It could have been a much better lesson because I didn't give her a chance to speak but anyways, she wants to meet us again soon. But back to the lesson. Awhile back we gave 김유영s a Search for Happiness and when we arrived she was reading it. She really likes it. She asked us questions about baptism and if other people who were baptized could be baptized again and if they had to.. Anyways, we had a really good conversation with her about baptism. I then asked her with just complete honesty and just from me if she really came to know that this church was true even if it was years later, would she get baptized. And she immediately said yes but then realized what she said and then kind of bowed her head and looked up and told us the reasons why she can't though. To me that was a testimony builder that the spirit really can speak to people and speak for people when they know but the natural man or Satan comes back. That was a really good meeting with her. I told her I would come visit her and she wants to meet mom. 
 Then that night I talked for about 30 minutes on the phone with a less active. Her name is 김애경. She is in her 50s. She calls me every once in awhile to just talk. We used to meet her but then she decided she doesn't like the Mormon church so she left. I am still friends with her and she is really nice.. just different in her own way.  We talked about the weather and things like that and then she told me," Sister Lebit, I am really going to miss you. I can tell that you a good girl." My heart just sank. I didn't think she would ever say something like that to me. She told me that she appreciated me talking with her. I even tried to hang up with her because we need to plan at one time before she told me this but she asked if we could talk more. When she first called me telling me that she was never coming back, I was devastated and the things she told me I didn't really like her telling me. But just with a little bit of charity, I helped even in the smallest way to think better of missionaries. She still won't come to church though haha.
The same day, Wednesday, (sorry going a little out of order) We had our last 구역 모임 (District Meeting) that was super funny. Elder Kim and Elder Godfrey, who are companions, are probably the funniest companionship I ever met. They are soo different but the get along great. At the meeting, Elder Kim showed us a voice recording and Elder Godfrey freaked.. Oh, it was funny. I can't explained what happened because it just would make sense. But something about "yellow fever". I mainly type this part up for my future reference.  Anyways, it was still a good meeting. Talking about the spirit. Sometimes on my mission I feel like I was directed by a strong feeling.. sometimes... most of the time. I think as missionaries we get so used to the feelings and prompting it just becomes human nature to us. Well of course only if we are worthy of it. But recognizing is probably the hardest part.  That is one thing I learned on my mission.. ALWAYS follow the prompting of the spirit. And try listening for it. I think that is the hardest part for me. I am also so distracted by other things or have other thoughts that I can't even hear anything that Heavenly Father is trying to tell me.
We then met with a new investigator with a member. It went fairly good.. I mean I don't think the two matched up very well but it was still good. She has read the book of Mormon up to 2 Nephi. I thought that was awesome and she remembers everything she learned. I hope something more with come with her after she leaves. She even gave me a rose. She has been attending our english class.. well since I have been here. A lot of our english class students are studying the Book of Mormon. Book of Mormon is the key to conversion (through the Holy Ghost). If you know the Book of Mormon is true you know everything in this church is true. If people only understand that. There wouldn't be any confusion.
Thursday was a great day. TEMPLE DAY. Soomin even went and waited in the waiting room (because she can't enter yet) And she loved it!!! She told us the feelings and the inspirations she got even in the waiting room. She understands now why it is important to wait a year and be cleaned of everything before you enter. She also shared a very sacred and spiritual thing that happened to her in a dream. I don't know if I should share it now through email. But it was one of the greatest things I have ever heard. I just love her and she really wants to be better and improve there is just somethings we are still working on with her. But after the session we went with her and some other sisters (봉천) to a meat buffet. Yes, that is a thing here and it is AMAZING! hahah But, afterwards.. Soomin asked if it was against the WOW and I didn't know how to answer, because I am still not sure. We are still learning even as missionaries.
We also went with her to buy me a backpack to start packing. But when we finally got home my body and mind couldn't handle it so I slept for the rest of the p-day. Then went to basketball that night but none of the girls showed up and I couldn't say bye. ㅜㅜ
Friday I did my last weekly planning and met with 이진영s the best investigator who has the cutest son!! We met with her earlier that week and she feed us for a going away gift. She is an amazing cook and baker. She knows how to make everything.. even sour cream pound cake! Anyways, we met with a member and they just hit it off. She opened up to her and I think they are planning a dinner together. And we gave her a Search for Happiness book in Korean for her husband. From the moment I met her I have the strongest impression that she is going to be wearing all white and it wasn't a feeling about baptism but for the temple. I am so excited, she is progressing so well. 
That night we also met with 강진s who is RC. She is great we had steak with her and she wanted to take some pictures so we did some sticker pictures with her. She is great. Needs a lot of love from the ward because there is many YSA her age in our area. So we are working with her. She might even go to BYU-I
Saturday was a 정 building day. We spent the day with 서예지 (Isabella) and her mom. We played games, taught English and we wanted to share a message but then they left... We also had lunch with some of our English class members. They are too nice.:) We met with 강진 and 조서영s together at a BBQ resturarant. We went to the YSA activity, where they were selling things, and then went out. But because time was short, we didn't get to share the message again with them. ㅠㅠ that is one thing I lack on a mission. Time managing. I have definitely improved from before my mission but this last transfer for some reason, it has been really hard. 
Yesterday, Sunday, was probably my favorite day. So let me just say when ever a missionary in Korea leaves we have to speak in front of the ward. Usually it is best to prepare a talk. But me, I forget. Every time. So I thought my 마지막 말씀 was going to be really bad. Hahah I prepared during sacrament but I didn't really have anything to say. I said my goodbyes during English sacrament. Talked to Soomin and sent her to class. Then I went back up to change in a 한복 (the Korean tradition dress) and I didn't think the ward was going to say anything or really notice. I didn't think they would care that I was leaving? But, right after I walk out of the bathroom, I went to the Sacrament room and the all just crowded me saying something about it. It was so cute. They were helping me fix what I didn't do right on the dress. They really appreciated that I did that. I thought it was really funny. When I finally gave my talk, I was doing good. Wasn't crying and then the nerves got to me and I couldn't think of any of my Korean. I pause to think and a old grandma member yelled at me to speak English and I just bawled haha.. not because she told me to speak english but because I think that is the first time it hit me a little bit. And lets be honest, I cry now for some reason when I bear my testimony or do anything in front poeple. It is a real problem haha. Anyways, After sacrament meeting they all run to me and give me gifts. A member even gave me 100,000 won. ( I have to give that back or to the office) But it was the thought that count. Oh and 이진영s CAME TO CHURCH!! She loved it and all the members just ate her up. They are soooo helpful!! We went to Relief Society and they loved us. Soomin on the other hand went to the children's baptism in the English ward. There was so much going on and we will be seeing her today with Pam Cho. 
After Church we ate with the ward and set up for the 음안 회 of a member and her relatives who plays the organ, violin, and clarinet. As we eating it started to snow. I guess in Korean tradition if it snows it is a sad day because someone is leaving. Haha that's not a joke. It was really cool though! After the concert we ate with 조서영s and her boyfriend. She is a less active we are working with who really wants to come back but because her mom is Jehovah's witness it is harder for her. I loved this day because I just had soooooooo much love for the members. I really am going to miss them. They became my family away from home. They kept telling me and made me promise that I would continue to learn Korean and I would just for them. I have been with theses members now for 1 year. And I just love them. At first I didn't understand why I was sent back but I think I was sent back to come to understand the 영등포 ward. I also felt a lot of love from them as well. I think that is what it should feel like with the relationship of members and missionaries.
I just want to say, that this last year and half was filled with miracles big and small, struggles big and small, and my testimony which started small but has built bigger from the things I learned on my mission. I want to share 3 things that I have learned on my mission.
1. The importance of the Spirit in our lives. I think when we have the spirit it because easier to love, to have patience, to care, to be dilligent, to be clean, overcome weaknesses, and all the other little things. The spirit can really change what goes on in church and especially what goes on in a home. 
2.That prayer is what makes miracles. We can't do anthing with our our Heavenly Father's help. I don't know how many times I have prayed in this last year in a half but because of it, I have a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father and I love it. It also make me notice what an impact the atonement as in my life.
3. Happiness. Everyone has the ability to choose to be happy or sad. We all have this great gift of agency that we take for granted. Happiness cannot come from something you buy or something that the world may tell you brings happiness. True happiness is finding that thing that you love. As members, it's the foundation we have built upon our Savior. There is soooo many people in the world looking for the happiness we have. And we can carry it. That is why we as missionaries, everyday, carry a Book of Mormon with us. That is what changes our lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to true happiness. I think I am soooo lucky to have goodly parents and raise up in the true gospel. I also wish that I could have conversion story like many people I meet. But a conversion doesn't have to start with when you join the church but how we serve the church. Happiness is the first thing we teach about. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy so...... he gave us bodies, or families, or the Book of Mormon. What ever it may be. There is times where I was upset on my mission becasue I felt that I wasn't truly making other people's lives happier. But I don't think we see the big picture like Heavenly Father does. I am slowly learning all of these things.
I know that this gospel is true. That because of my mission, I have changed. I wasn't bad before but I definitely have become better.
I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered for all of us. Our sins, and sorrows so we don't have to. He is the only one who understand us. And better than we understand ourselves.
I know that Heavenly Father and his sonJesus Christ live, and that we can become just like them.
Our lives don't just effect just our lives but the decisions we make changes the lives of others as well. I know that I wouldn't be as happy as I am now, if I didn't serve a mission.
I love my family and their support for me while I have served. I don't know what I would do with out them. They are my rock as well as my Savior. He has been there with me everyday on my mission and even before, I just sometimes couldn't see it.
I love this gospel and this is the only true complete church on earth today.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
I love you all! I will see you on Friday.
레벳 자매

Monday, August 10, 2015

2015-7-9 Transferred

Hey Family!
This week we had transfers.  I got to say bye to all my friend back in 부천 and said hello to all my old ones in 영등포. I am now on my 9th companion. Her name is Sister Tuinukuafe. But I just call her Sister Tui ㅎㅎ She is from Austrailia. She is tongan. :) We are going to have a lot of fun together. So Sister Stastny (my old companion) was her trainer and she just went home last week. I can't believe how fast time is flying. Wednesday I hit my year mark. I am exactly how Sister Stastny was to me when she greenie broke me. This next week is going to be a little crazy. We have MLC and then we have zone training and this is my first so I don't know exactly what I am doing. Haha I sometimes feel llike I am running around like I am a headless chicken. At first things were really hard for me. I didn't want to come back to Yeongdong-po at first because of a lot of different reasons but when I went to church on Sunday I just loved them all over again. I know this transfer is going to be a lot fun. A lot of people don't get this opportunity to go back to an area they already served in so I am going not going to take it for granted. I really excited to get some people baptized here. 
When I arrived her they had one investigator and I have been trying to contact her but she has reached back to me. So me and my companion are making specific goals on what we want to do and how we are going to find them. We are trying to be really specific. I just really want to show God that I want to leave this area better than the first round I left. So we are going to be working hard. And now I have a little bit of more stress (not bad stress 그냥 stress ㅎㅎ)  because I want to really help the sisters in our zone, and I feel sometimes that inadequate to help them, but it is going to work out. Yesterday after church we talked with our President and he gave me a lot of advice. I love President Morrise. He really is like our Dads away from home and gives us really good advice ;) 
Not much has happened.. Just trying to re-adjust to everything again. 
I love you all! 
READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! I am serious! They are great. :) 
I pray for you all, you better be feeding the missionaries there! ㅎㅎ
Sister Leavitt
1. Goodbye 부천

Got stood up!

Squid, she loves it

Transfers are hard

Sunday, June 21, 2015

2015-6-21 Father's Day

​Hello family!!

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! I just want to do a shout out to the best dad in the whole world!! I have seen now a lot of fathers and you are definitely by far the best! I never realized how much I have learned from my dad ( and my mother of course haha) but I am so grateful for his example! I know he's a bit emotional now days, but he still the best person to talk to when you having the toughest time. I love knowing that after my mission is over that I am able to come back to the greatest dad (and family, I don't want to offend anyone ㅋㅋ) But thank you for always supporting me and helping me!~ LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK!!

This week was a really good one! We got transfer calls and I am staying with 이혜현 자매님 I really enjoy serving with her. She is a really good example and we are going to do amazing things this transfer. This is the first transfer that I wont be dropping off or picking up someone! Crazy, right!? :)

Some highlights of this last week. So this week we really want to see some miracles so we made some goals:
Be examples
Role play our testimonies every morning so that we can do it on the streets
Strictly be Obedient
Set goals from our President's email says
Use time wisely
Exercise our Faith
Pray to be able to find 3 new investigators
Plan lessons by Spirit
Show more Charity

So we tried to use this week and it didn't go has well as planned so for this week we made alarms and reminders so that we are able to do it this week. So if you could pray specificly for these thing haha that would be wonderful! 
We didn't see a lot of miracles but God is always helping us even when maybe we don't deserve it. 
We are making a new English Class just for Young people. We went sticker boarding 3 times now and received over 100 numbers so we are spending a lot of time cantacting these people. Hopefully we will see some miracles from this new class. Elder Ballard as made goals for missionaries. That we baptize more people from ages 17-25 and talk to 10 people a day. Both these things are really hard. Especially here in Korea. As we work towards what an apostle as asked us to do I believe we will see more miracles :)

Funny story of the week!
Okay so we had to go to a different area because we had to do Tip pass off ( you have to go to our STLs and teach them lessons in Korean and memorize scriptures and vocabulary)
So in order to get to their church you go through a 시장 or an outside market. And as missionaries we are always smiling at people. On our way back home you have to go through the same market. And again we are 인사ing. We get across the street to go wait for our bus and a man comes and taps my companion shoulder. I couldn't understand all of it but I got the jist of what he was saying. This is what happened:

"Uhh, HI!"
"You are Korean right?"
" Yes"
"I don't know how to say this but... you are really pretty can I have your number?"
" Since I am a missionary...."
"I am Christian too"
"But because I am a missionary.."
"Do you have a phone?"
"Uhhhh... (long awkward noise) Here is our name card?"

As we are on the bus
text message:
"Hi this is the person you gave your number too. You are sooooo beautiful! When I first saw you in the market and I knew I had to get your number. And the second time you passed and you smiled at me I fell in love. Can we go out one time?" 
"HTBT, told him we are missionaries can't have boyfriends. We serve for a year and a half and we teach about our gospel and english. If you interested in that we can refer you to the Elders. But thank you and I know it took courage to ask for my number sorry."
"Ahh I hate that. No missionaries can get married and date though! I can't wait a year and half"

Okay it goes on much longer but now we just have to ignore him. So moral of the story is my life hasn't change and my "companions" are the ones who gets the numbers ,ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ
I think it was a great way to start off her Birthday haha

This week we also went to a sushi buffet which was AMAZING! 

I also learned that I have been studying wrong this whole time! I don't know how to study and I think I am realizing what it means to study. I haven't really been trying is what I noticed. I have been complaining that it stinks but it was really because I wasn't doing anything more. I now feel quilty that I was begging Heavenly Father that he would give me the gift of tongues but I that was selfish of me. We can't ask things if we don't exercise our faith or just do something about it. God wants to help if we will work for it! 

I love you all! I hope that everything is going great over there in the Mother Land. I miss you all!!

Sister Leavitt

Oh yeah and one of the pictures is of my companion cleaning our AC ( not alot missionaries have that ㅋㅋ) It was sooo moldy!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hello Everyone!!

So I will be skyping tomorrow so I will keep this email pretty short. :)

This week was amazing.  It was Kid's and Parent's Day this last week so a lot of people we out and around, buying each other flowers and spending time with family. But since we are new  these past few days we haven't had anyone to teach. We had just been visiting a Less Active which we love but we can visit her everyday all day so we really needed some investigators. Before my companion leaves this week she had a goal to get me one investigator. And we have 2 and 3 potential. It was a HUGE miracle. One of our investigators literally came after the church services yesterday and ask the Bishop what the church was and that she wanted to join the church because she heard it was so great! So we have a golden investigator all ready for lessons. We have a French investigator that the Elders ran into on the street and 소개ed to us. She says I don't want to join your church but I wanted to go straight to the source to find out what Mormons are because I have heard a lot of things because there are so many lies and steoreo types. And she thought the elders were so friendly and open minded. She loves our message we share with her and she tell us we have this light and peace about us. She came to on of our Member's Baptism yesterday. She thought it was sooo different. (and Korean Baptism are slightly different than the ones I have seen at home, but the same principles) And she loved the feeling that she got from all the Koreans even though she didn't quite understand them. Sister Mortensen translated for her. My companion is BOSS at Korean. So anyways, we have a lot of potential investigators that are coming with us to the BYU Wind Orchestra that is coming to our Area. So that is truly a blessing. We are meeting with a lot of our less actives we is finally meeting with us. Last week we met with a Japanese women and gave her a Japanese BOM and she is the cutest thing! Her kids were adorable. She married a Korean and her English is fly so we are trying to ease slowly with her because she "wants to do it by herself" but pray that her schedule will open up. Oh, also another really amazing miracle. So there is this thing called 가가호호 I am not sure what it is called in English.. knocking on doors? Anyways, we started at the top of this apartment building and we knock on doors and try to 소개 or introduce or church and our English Program. People were soo mean. We had another appointment at a members soon so we were going to just give up but we decided to do just one more floor. So we look out the balcony and we decided to do floor number 9. It was 4 floors down. We had no idea why but we decided to go. We got in the elevator and prayed to find someone who would be nice and talk to us and be intrested in either English or the Gospel. So we step out and we see a women she is taking our the trash. We thought she was our miracle but she took our name card and went on our way. It was getting close to leave but we decided to knock on a few doors. A lot opened to us but soon closed on us. We were going to give up so we decided to just one more door. We knock on it. She opens the door and puts the door stopper down. And just listens to us. She was sooo nice. We got exchange numbers and she was going to let us in right then but she wanted to clean up a little and we have a returning appointment. It was amazing! All she did was listen and she was not only interested in English but Gospel too. So this Thursday we will start our 30/30 program with her. And one more miracle I will share. This last Tuesday we were walking around finding less actives and one of our appointment canceled so we were just 전도ing or proselyting until our next 식사 or meal appointment. And we walked by a Alpha (which is a craft store, Koreans love their 문구s) and she randomly started walking in but realized that she shouldn't go in there because it would take away from proselyting time. I don't know why I did this but just pushed her in! So we were in there for not a specific reason and she said we needed to talk to people and this lady comes up to her and ask where our church is. Apparently she has been trying to look for a church because some Elders gave her a name card and she doesn't have a phone to find it. So asked us if we could show her on Sunday and meet her at the 역 or station. She was an older lady so when Sunday came we think she forgot because she didn't show. But she know has our number and hopefully again soon we can meet her. I just thought that was amazing because we didn't need to buy anything but we both felt prompted to go into this store.

I love my mission. I am learning that God blesses us with many miracles. It is not until we count the little things when we begin to recognize the things He does for us everyday. I think I love that the most as a missionary. Not a lot of baptism goes on in Korea but God does bless all his people in his time. I am soooo excited to talk with you all again. Don't quiz my Korean because yeah... I am still getting there.

I love you all, talk to you tomorrow!!

Sister Leavitt

P.S we had Transfer Calls yesterday. I am getting a Greenie Breaking a Korean. And I guess I am Senior now. I am not really sure what it means but I am a little nervous but I have met this Korean. She is super cute and super fly at English but I am going try my best to only speak Korean to her. :) I will tell you more tomorrow

P.S.S The pictures are us at the temple this last Thursday. One with my companion and one with my New Companion (at the this time we didn't know we would be companions)


Hello everyone!!!

Okay this week was so much fun.
So because my companion is leaving we got to go to her Greenie area to 소개 or refer a investigator to the other sisters so us 4 and this investigator went hiking up this huge mountain where you can see all of Korea. It was sick. Korea is sooo pretty it is insane. Lately, everything is so green and it is starting to get really hot and humid!! AHH!!

Anywho, the next day we had Zone Conference. It was raining and we went on this island on the Han River and had our training there. It was really fun. I love getting to see our Mission President and his wife. They are seriously the best. They really are like your parents away from home. So that was really fun. So President Morrise has been encouraging everyone to do this "7 minute work-out" because he really has been stressing about exercising in the morning. So at Zone Conference we had the chance to do it. And if we bet him we got a sticker and we go on the board and if we just "participated" we got a sticker. Anyways, he is a 60 something year old man... How hard can it be do all these work outs in 7 minutes and beat him?.... Yeah, that was super hard. I haven't worked "hard core" for a long time. The old man beat me :) He pretty much beat every single one of us. It was soo funny. And what the best part was that the sticker was a picture of his face. I definitely put that in my PMG next to the work out section. :)

This week was just a day full of traveling. The next day we spent 4 hours traveling to do a Pass off with our APs. We also visit a bunch of people. We even have a new potential investigator. She is Japanese and was super sweet. She wants to read the Book of Mormon but wants to do it by herself and she is really busy so we are hoping that  we can continue to contact her as much as possible. Also during weekly planning we made a lot of appointments this week. So this week should be a crazy one! We will have to baptisms. (One a member and one is the Elder's investigator) and we have transfer call...ALREADY!! I can't belive I am going to be getting a new companion soon! I think that is crazy! Oh and our area just got bigger. So now we have half of 2 other areas so Bucheon just got bigger. We already have 150 members and it will go up to about 170-180. So I need all your prayers for when my companion goes home I will be able to handle all of this..

I love you all and I hope that all you dreams come true. You know I mean you get the answers to your prayers. I pray for you all and I hope you all doing well. Remember who you are and what you stand for!


Sister Leavitt


Hey family!!

Weeks are going by soooo fast!! LIke I feel like I just emailed you! So let's see what happened this week. Not too much. It is really hard to find people to teach so just a lot of walking and this weeks we saw a Korean women with a Georgia accent. It was seriously the coolest thing I had ever heard because it was like a Korean Southern accent. Anywho, yeah we meet a lot of people. I love getting to know people now. Sometimes it is hard but it is fun. And a lot of people don't "have time to meet" but really in realitly Korean people really are just sooo busy. The only funny thing is when you are at a 4-way intersection and we tried to talk to someone and they say that they "I am busy, don't you know!" and they are standing waiting for the looong red light to turn green. People just really don't like 선교사들 (missionaries) becaue there are sooooooo many here! We have taught like 3 now. You will see on the streets people bible bashing and it is just not good.

One good thing that we did this week is we opened a HUGE new Stake Center in 인천 Incheon. It is 4 floors with a balcony! Like it is way bigger than my last building.( Just ask dad how big that is ㅎㅎ)  So we did service, picked up trash around the building and then we had a big open house for it and did some tours. This building is super Americanized it is crazy!! It is weird. My building right now is much smaller and Koreanized and it fits 150 members and now its going to be about 170 members because our ward just got bigger this last week. So anyways, moral of the story is the church is true. And no matter where you are things need to have the same importance and we live the same gospel. Just remember that.

Uhh... yeah... So after our Stake Conference we went home and started planning for the next week. It was about 8:30 and our Bishop calls and says meet at E-Mart in 15 minutes. So we quickly run over there because it is our bishop and he has a grocery cart and he says," I don't like shopping so lets do this fast. We want to feed you and we haven't bought you rice in the past 4 weeks." We were so confused. We did not want anyone to have to pay for us. So we thought we were just getting rice but then he starts thowing in the cart; meet, pizza, oranges, apples, snacks, tuna, rice, 고추장, , and just a whole bunch of stuff. He spent about 163 dollars on us. I about cried. I was so happy. We were running out of money and we still have a week left. It just was the nicest thing. And our Bishop is so busy with his work that he took time to do that. I just love him. He is the sweetest. Thats one thing I love about Korean. They all will take care of you. The just have the most compassionate heart (unless they really just don't like missionaries) but I haven't met too many unkind people. I think the world should be more focus on the things that other people need and not always on ourselves. That is exactly our Savior thinks. I don't think he would ever take back what he did in Gethsamene because he wasn't thinking about himself but he thought about everyone that had lived and would live. We are here to help others and our selves come back unto Christ. So this week please go out of your way to do something for someone else. Even just the little bit of grocercies for us would have made us happy.

 17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service‍ of your fellow‍ beings ye are only in the service of your God. -Mosiah 2:17
I love you all! How was moving? Looks like everyone has been involved with something lately! I love seeing the pictures. I forget that life keeps going on for you all back home! Keep me updated. I want to know ALLL the details!!
I pray for you all! I love you and miss you all soooooooooooooooooo much!!!

Sister Leavitt



Had a really good week. Last week we went to the zoo! is was sooo much fun. We were suppose to go with our Zone but we couldn't find them so it was us and our District Leader and his companion. The zoo was extremely fun! We also got a new investigator. She is not in our area but she golden. But the only problem is that stopped calling us. We are hoping it's just her phone.

Anywho, Work here is going slowly but surely. This next week we are meeting a bunch of members and even a Less-Active wants to come to Stake Conference with us!! We are stoked. So At this stake conference. They are combining wards and all that great stuff so a lot will be changing. The Stake Center (which is in 인천) is HUGE!! It is 4 floors. 2 sacrament rooms. A bunch of rooms and even has a balcony. The best part about it, it is right on the intersection and right outside of a subway exit. People are going to swarming in. Korean culture is that they like anything that is super close. Sometimes they will even convert because the church is close :/ but anyways, this will be a good thing!!

The past few days have been raining. I haven't taken off my jacket for a while. So it is not too warm yet. I think Heavenly Father has been listening to my cries. I am soooo afraid for summer it is crazy!! I wish that it would stay like this for the rest of the time :)

Uhh... It is hard to tell you what has been going on because we have spent a lot of our time doing finding. WE walk and walk and walk AND walk. We are like the prioneer children. Man, these joke are good. Missionary for life. hahaha Yeah, just finding less actives and anyone who will talk to us :)
Can't wait to talk to you all in less than 3 weeks!! I miss you all and hope everything is going strong back home! LOVE YOU


Sister Leavitt



Hey familly!!

This week I have like no time to write a whole email again. I know sad. With our zone we are going to the zoo and it about 2 hours away so we can't stay long too long. (Yeah we were going to go last week but we took the wrong subway so we went to China Town instead)

We watched conference this week. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I really loved it! I will say the Saturday session didn't apply much too me because it was about marriage and family but I did still get a little out of it for my and my companion :)

I really liked how the Sunday session was based on the how the simple basic truths is all we need to focus on in the church. It is good to know all the details but just like me as missionary, we only teach the simple things because that is when the Holy Ghost speaks to us the best. And that is the answer I needed. This last transfer it has been really hard for me to teach. I always want to get into things that aren't really necessary for people to hear... I think that is why I was sent to Korea to help people but not to overbear them but because of my small knowledge of Korean I can't expound on too much. :)  I also learn that we each must have a testimony of the atonement and what it means to us. I have had a pretty decently good easy life. I never have had to use it as much as I have on my mission. I never realized how much "disobedient" I was before my mission. The point of the atonement is so that we can become like God. That is why the fall happened. Christ literally broke the bands of death that we are just in a free fall. Because we can be forgiven and now that we know good and evil we can one day return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. 

Because we have been white washing I have not had any lessons this week. We had one and today (actually while I have been writing this email) I realized that the things that I learned in Conference, must be applied in my mission. I think the Lord needs me to be prepared with my lesson plans and my simple doctrine so that when my companion leaves this transfer I will be able to take over. I have not been able to teach at all! It is crazy. I really know that the Lord is blessing me each day that I am able to teach because it really isn't not me doing it. :) So if you could pray that I can learn how to teach this week. I would love it so that I can be more prepared for people. 
In my first transfer my Zone Leader once told me that if I am prepared with just one lesson plan that God will give me someone who needs to hear exactly what I prepared for, nothing more. That can be applied to life. We must all have our personal testimony of the simple doctrine so that when we are in certain situations that we maybe able to overcome them or help someone else understand more fully.

I really do love my mission. My companion is awesome. I haven't really told you much about her yet. She is flawless in Korean. I kill her this transfer. She is an amazing singer and love soccer. She is almost as weird as me and she does a killer Brian Regan impersonation. She is not trucky at all. She is one of the hardest working missionaries out there and she is great at talking to people. Which I am not. I thought I was until I became companions with her ;)

So I love you all. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Gain that testimony for yourself; don't rely on others. 

I love and miss you all sooo much!! Be safe! 


Sister Leavitt


                                               In China Town



Happy Easter.. Yeah Easter isn't really popular here bt it was my first Sunday in my new ward! This ward is HUGE! There are sooo many kids. It made me miss our wards in America :)

So I got a new companion. Her name is Sister Mortensen. She is the nicest ever. She loves sports and she is an amazing singer. She dies this next transfer. So I will say that I will probably get the most companions in our whole mission. Right now she is my 6th.
1st day with Sister Mortensen

Because we are white washing/ re-opening an area we don't know anything about it. We have to find a lot on our own. We are meeting with the girl name 유리 yu lee. She is really different and everytime we try to teach her she ends up like teaching us about her religion and shows us pictures of demons. So it is really weird. Anywho.. that is the only person we have met so far.

I love my District they are soo fun. Today we are going to the zoo and I don't really have that much to tell about this week because well... it is just all new to me.

The house we live in is so cute and ghetto. (In the ghettoooo...) <--- I forgot what that is off of and I think Elvis sings it.
Anyways, we have matress!!! Like what!? yeah I have been sleeping on (yo) and it is a Korean sleeping mat. But we now have a matress!

I am soo sorry this email is soo short..

Don't Forget to watch the video and General Conference. I really would like to hear what you thought of it. I haven't watched it yet because it has been translated into Korean but we should be watching it this week! I am excited!

I love you all soo much. This church is true.


Sister Leavitt

Ps.. remind me when I have to move again that I need to throw things out because packing everything was sooo hard!



Okay this week went by so fast! So to start off the week we did a lot of searching. We have been running down on investigators and this month we are doing a 40 days of fasting for new investigators. But we didn't seem to find any. 

We did however, get to see Valeria. She is our Russian investigator. She is the funniest/bluntest person. She has been investigating for maybe over a year and some things are just really hard for her to grasp. She is though probably more faithful than a lot of members. Anyways, we watched Legacy with her. THE GREATEST DECISION EVER!! hahah she was like the commentary behind it. I t was really good. She learned a lot from the cheesy movie. But we love spending time with her and I will definitely be friends with her after my mission.

Okay Tuesday was the worst day.
I woke up at 6:30 and began by exercise. We had already done the full 30 minutes of exercise and I decided to do a little extra and I was doing sit ups and my hands where above my head and I guess I might of done it too fast because I ripped my back. It hurt sooo bad. At first (just like my ankle incident) it didn't hurt but when I moved it was this horrible pain. I just fell to the floor on my stomach. the rest of the day for the next 24 hours I was switching back and forth from stomach to back laying on my bed. Every once in awhile We would put a hot bad then some frozen vegetables on it. It was thee worst. For the next couple of days it would hurt. But the strangest thing was that as I was on my stomach with the ice pack on my back. I prayed. It wasn't a long prayer but I just didn't want to have to go to the hospital. (they don't have clinics) And on my left side of my back I could feel this tingly feeling, like I could feel it being healed. The next morning that side of my back didn't hurt. I will say though, that my left side of my back still hurts every once in awhile but that was a miracle. I didn't think I was going to be able to walk for a few days but look I walked to the PC baong. I am fine :) 
Bad Back

Down for a couple days

This week we had a lot of good lessons. Everyone seems to progressing really well. Our 10 year old investigator got her answered about the Book of Mormon. She said that when she prayed about it she felt warmth and really good about it. So we are excited about that :)

Saturday, I went on exchanges with my Sister Training Leader. She came to our area with my other 2 companions and I went to her area with her Korean greenie. It was sooo much fun! I just want to share one funny story that happened while we were there. So we went to a potential investigators house. She fed us 순대 which is this sausage that is meaty and fatty. It is the Pig Intestine. This was my first time eating it. In Korea it is very very popular. I thought I was going to hate it because usually is is running and bloody but mine was actually really good. So after we ate sundey. ( don't know how to spell that in English) We were talking to her and I mentioned what I did to my back earlier that week. She then runs to her bathroom grabs her toothbrush pull up my shirts (garments and all) and places her toothbrush on my back. I had no idea what she was doing. I was afraid at first. She then tell us that her toothbrush has a lazer on it and it can cure anything. She tell us all these experiences that she has had with the toothbrush and I was so confused. But to make her happy I turned on the lazer and put it on my back. Koreans have a cure and a solution for everything! hahahaha

But that was my week. 

Oh yeah...... I AM FINALLY TRANSFERRING!! I am going to 부천 (Bucheon) I have been in the Seoul city area my whole mission and now I am going a little farther out that isn't too city like (at least that is what I have heard) I am really going to miss my companions though! They are so much fun! When we got our transfer call they first told me I was going to be companions with Sister Holt and I was freaking out! I went to tell her but the APs actually messed up, I guess LeVitre and Leavitt are too similar so I spent like 20 minutes thinking I would be companions with my best friend in the mission but they had to call us all back and fix the mistake...hahaha dang it! Soo close.;)

Sister Holt

Okay my commitment to you all is to spread the word about the new Mormon Message. It is about His Resurrection. It is an amazing video. Remember why we celebrate Easter. #BecauseHeLives The church is going all out this year with it. We have to hand out a lot of things to get people to watch it. Next Sunday, all over Youtube it will be advertised. It is going to be the homepage. So spread the word. Make our lives easier as missionaries. ;) 
I know He lives. Happy Easter!!


Sister Leavitt