Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hey family!!

Weeks are going by soooo fast!! LIke I feel like I just emailed you! So let's see what happened this week. Not too much. It is really hard to find people to teach so just a lot of walking and this weeks we saw a Korean women with a Georgia accent. It was seriously the coolest thing I had ever heard because it was like a Korean Southern accent. Anywho, yeah we meet a lot of people. I love getting to know people now. Sometimes it is hard but it is fun. And a lot of people don't "have time to meet" but really in realitly Korean people really are just sooo busy. The only funny thing is when you are at a 4-way intersection and we tried to talk to someone and they say that they "I am busy, don't you know!" and they are standing waiting for the looong red light to turn green. People just really don't like 선교사들 (missionaries) becaue there are sooooooo many here! We have taught like 3 now. You will see on the streets people bible bashing and it is just not good.

One good thing that we did this week is we opened a HUGE new Stake Center in 인천 Incheon. It is 4 floors with a balcony! Like it is way bigger than my last building.( Just ask dad how big that is ㅎㅎ)  So we did service, picked up trash around the building and then we had a big open house for it and did some tours. This building is super Americanized it is crazy!! It is weird. My building right now is much smaller and Koreanized and it fits 150 members and now its going to be about 170 members because our ward just got bigger this last week. So anyways, moral of the story is the church is true. And no matter where you are things need to have the same importance and we live the same gospel. Just remember that.

Uhh... yeah... So after our Stake Conference we went home and started planning for the next week. It was about 8:30 and our Bishop calls and says meet at E-Mart in 15 minutes. So we quickly run over there because it is our bishop and he has a grocery cart and he says," I don't like shopping so lets do this fast. We want to feed you and we haven't bought you rice in the past 4 weeks." We were so confused. We did not want anyone to have to pay for us. So we thought we were just getting rice but then he starts thowing in the cart; meet, pizza, oranges, apples, snacks, tuna, rice, 고추장, , and just a whole bunch of stuff. He spent about 163 dollars on us. I about cried. I was so happy. We were running out of money and we still have a week left. It just was the nicest thing. And our Bishop is so busy with his work that he took time to do that. I just love him. He is the sweetest. Thats one thing I love about Korean. They all will take care of you. The just have the most compassionate heart (unless they really just don't like missionaries) but I haven't met too many unkind people. I think the world should be more focus on the things that other people need and not always on ourselves. That is exactly our Savior thinks. I don't think he would ever take back what he did in Gethsamene because he wasn't thinking about himself but he thought about everyone that had lived and would live. We are here to help others and our selves come back unto Christ. So this week please go out of your way to do something for someone else. Even just the little bit of grocercies for us would have made us happy.

 17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service‍ of your fellow‍ beings ye are only in the service of your God. -Mosiah 2:17
I love you all! How was moving? Looks like everyone has been involved with something lately! I love seeing the pictures. I forget that life keeps going on for you all back home! Keep me updated. I want to know ALLL the details!!
I pray for you all! I love you and miss you all soooooooooooooooooo much!!!

Sister Leavitt

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