Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 28 2016 last email

I should be shamed as a mother of a awesome Missionary. I haven't entered a post in quite sometime. Hopefully Hanna can catch this blog up when she gets home.  I wanted to at least post her last email. We love her and have missed her so much

Hello Family and Friend,
This is kind of weird to think that this will be my last email before going home. 
I guess to start I will tell you about last week.
We went on exchanges and I went with Sister Levitre who is also in my returning home missionary group?... or what we call 동기 We spent a lot of time talking and there as been times on my mission when I feel that I was not a successful missionary. Not because of numbers or anything but as sisters we really think to deeply about things but anyways, it was really comforting to her from her and her feelings on her mission. While me and Sister Levitre were together we met with of Potential Investigator 김유영s. She is really a different Korean. Most Koreans have the same mindset because that is just how their culture is but she is different. She actually reminds me a lot of mom. Very strong about the things she believes but is interested in learning more. We met her at a cafe and talked with her. Last time we met her we met with her friend who is a Christian and taught the first lesson to her. It could have been a much better lesson because I didn't give her a chance to speak but anyways, she wants to meet us again soon. But back to the lesson. Awhile back we gave 김유영s a Search for Happiness and when we arrived she was reading it. She really likes it. She asked us questions about baptism and if other people who were baptized could be baptized again and if they had to.. Anyways, we had a really good conversation with her about baptism. I then asked her with just complete honesty and just from me if she really came to know that this church was true even if it was years later, would she get baptized. And she immediately said yes but then realized what she said and then kind of bowed her head and looked up and told us the reasons why she can't though. To me that was a testimony builder that the spirit really can speak to people and speak for people when they know but the natural man or Satan comes back. That was a really good meeting with her. I told her I would come visit her and she wants to meet mom. 
 Then that night I talked for about 30 minutes on the phone with a less active. Her name is 김애경. She is in her 50s. She calls me every once in awhile to just talk. We used to meet her but then she decided she doesn't like the Mormon church so she left. I am still friends with her and she is really nice.. just different in her own way.  We talked about the weather and things like that and then she told me," Sister Lebit, I am really going to miss you. I can tell that you a good girl." My heart just sank. I didn't think she would ever say something like that to me. She told me that she appreciated me talking with her. I even tried to hang up with her because we need to plan at one time before she told me this but she asked if we could talk more. When she first called me telling me that she was never coming back, I was devastated and the things she told me I didn't really like her telling me. But just with a little bit of charity, I helped even in the smallest way to think better of missionaries. She still won't come to church though haha.
The same day, Wednesday, (sorry going a little out of order) We had our last 구역 모임 (District Meeting) that was super funny. Elder Kim and Elder Godfrey, who are companions, are probably the funniest companionship I ever met. They are soo different but the get along great. At the meeting, Elder Kim showed us a voice recording and Elder Godfrey freaked.. Oh, it was funny. I can't explained what happened because it just would make sense. But something about "yellow fever". I mainly type this part up for my future reference.  Anyways, it was still a good meeting. Talking about the spirit. Sometimes on my mission I feel like I was directed by a strong feeling.. sometimes... most of the time. I think as missionaries we get so used to the feelings and prompting it just becomes human nature to us. Well of course only if we are worthy of it. But recognizing is probably the hardest part.  That is one thing I learned on my mission.. ALWAYS follow the prompting of the spirit. And try listening for it. I think that is the hardest part for me. I am also so distracted by other things or have other thoughts that I can't even hear anything that Heavenly Father is trying to tell me.
We then met with a new investigator with a member. It went fairly good.. I mean I don't think the two matched up very well but it was still good. She has read the book of Mormon up to 2 Nephi. I thought that was awesome and she remembers everything she learned. I hope something more with come with her after she leaves. She even gave me a rose. She has been attending our english class.. well since I have been here. A lot of our english class students are studying the Book of Mormon. Book of Mormon is the key to conversion (through the Holy Ghost). If you know the Book of Mormon is true you know everything in this church is true. If people only understand that. There wouldn't be any confusion.
Thursday was a great day. TEMPLE DAY. Soomin even went and waited in the waiting room (because she can't enter yet) And she loved it!!! She told us the feelings and the inspirations she got even in the waiting room. She understands now why it is important to wait a year and be cleaned of everything before you enter. She also shared a very sacred and spiritual thing that happened to her in a dream. I don't know if I should share it now through email. But it was one of the greatest things I have ever heard. I just love her and she really wants to be better and improve there is just somethings we are still working on with her. But after the session we went with her and some other sisters (봉천) to a meat buffet. Yes, that is a thing here and it is AMAZING! hahah But, afterwards.. Soomin asked if it was against the WOW and I didn't know how to answer, because I am still not sure. We are still learning even as missionaries.
We also went with her to buy me a backpack to start packing. But when we finally got home my body and mind couldn't handle it so I slept for the rest of the p-day. Then went to basketball that night but none of the girls showed up and I couldn't say bye. ㅜㅜ
Friday I did my last weekly planning and met with 이진영s the best investigator who has the cutest son!! We met with her earlier that week and she feed us for a going away gift. She is an amazing cook and baker. She knows how to make everything.. even sour cream pound cake! Anyways, we met with a member and they just hit it off. She opened up to her and I think they are planning a dinner together. And we gave her a Search for Happiness book in Korean for her husband. From the moment I met her I have the strongest impression that she is going to be wearing all white and it wasn't a feeling about baptism but for the temple. I am so excited, she is progressing so well. 
That night we also met with 강진s who is RC. She is great we had steak with her and she wanted to take some pictures so we did some sticker pictures with her. She is great. Needs a lot of love from the ward because there is many YSA her age in our area. So we are working with her. She might even go to BYU-I
Saturday was a 정 building day. We spent the day with 서예지 (Isabella) and her mom. We played games, taught English and we wanted to share a message but then they left... We also had lunch with some of our English class members. They are too nice.:) We met with 강진 and 조서영s together at a BBQ resturarant. We went to the YSA activity, where they were selling things, and then went out. But because time was short, we didn't get to share the message again with them. ㅠㅠ that is one thing I lack on a mission. Time managing. I have definitely improved from before my mission but this last transfer for some reason, it has been really hard. 
Yesterday, Sunday, was probably my favorite day. So let me just say when ever a missionary in Korea leaves we have to speak in front of the ward. Usually it is best to prepare a talk. But me, I forget. Every time. So I thought my 마지막 말씀 was going to be really bad. Hahah I prepared during sacrament but I didn't really have anything to say. I said my goodbyes during English sacrament. Talked to Soomin and sent her to class. Then I went back up to change in a 한복 (the Korean tradition dress) and I didn't think the ward was going to say anything or really notice. I didn't think they would care that I was leaving? But, right after I walk out of the bathroom, I went to the Sacrament room and the all just crowded me saying something about it. It was so cute. They were helping me fix what I didn't do right on the dress. They really appreciated that I did that. I thought it was really funny. When I finally gave my talk, I was doing good. Wasn't crying and then the nerves got to me and I couldn't think of any of my Korean. I pause to think and a old grandma member yelled at me to speak English and I just bawled haha.. not because she told me to speak english but because I think that is the first time it hit me a little bit. And lets be honest, I cry now for some reason when I bear my testimony or do anything in front poeple. It is a real problem haha. Anyways, After sacrament meeting they all run to me and give me gifts. A member even gave me 100,000 won. ( I have to give that back or to the office) But it was the thought that count. Oh and 이진영s CAME TO CHURCH!! She loved it and all the members just ate her up. They are soooo helpful!! We went to Relief Society and they loved us. Soomin on the other hand went to the children's baptism in the English ward. There was so much going on and we will be seeing her today with Pam Cho. 
After Church we ate with the ward and set up for the 음안 회 of a member and her relatives who plays the organ, violin, and clarinet. As we eating it started to snow. I guess in Korean tradition if it snows it is a sad day because someone is leaving. Haha that's not a joke. It was really cool though! After the concert we ate with 조서영s and her boyfriend. She is a less active we are working with who really wants to come back but because her mom is Jehovah's witness it is harder for her. I loved this day because I just had soooooooo much love for the members. I really am going to miss them. They became my family away from home. They kept telling me and made me promise that I would continue to learn Korean and I would just for them. I have been with theses members now for 1 year. And I just love them. At first I didn't understand why I was sent back but I think I was sent back to come to understand the 영등포 ward. I also felt a lot of love from them as well. I think that is what it should feel like with the relationship of members and missionaries.
I just want to say, that this last year and half was filled with miracles big and small, struggles big and small, and my testimony which started small but has built bigger from the things I learned on my mission. I want to share 3 things that I have learned on my mission.
1. The importance of the Spirit in our lives. I think when we have the spirit it because easier to love, to have patience, to care, to be dilligent, to be clean, overcome weaknesses, and all the other little things. The spirit can really change what goes on in church and especially what goes on in a home. 
2.That prayer is what makes miracles. We can't do anthing with our our Heavenly Father's help. I don't know how many times I have prayed in this last year in a half but because of it, I have a stronger relationship with my Heavenly Father and I love it. It also make me notice what an impact the atonement as in my life.
3. Happiness. Everyone has the ability to choose to be happy or sad. We all have this great gift of agency that we take for granted. Happiness cannot come from something you buy or something that the world may tell you brings happiness. True happiness is finding that thing that you love. As members, it's the foundation we have built upon our Savior. There is soooo many people in the world looking for the happiness we have. And we can carry it. That is why we as missionaries, everyday, carry a Book of Mormon with us. That is what changes our lives. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to true happiness. I think I am soooo lucky to have goodly parents and raise up in the true gospel. I also wish that I could have conversion story like many people I meet. But a conversion doesn't have to start with when you join the church but how we serve the church. Happiness is the first thing we teach about. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy so...... he gave us bodies, or families, or the Book of Mormon. What ever it may be. There is times where I was upset on my mission becasue I felt that I wasn't truly making other people's lives happier. But I don't think we see the big picture like Heavenly Father does. I am slowly learning all of these things.
I know that this gospel is true. That because of my mission, I have changed. I wasn't bad before but I definitely have become better.
I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, suffered for all of us. Our sins, and sorrows so we don't have to. He is the only one who understand us. And better than we understand ourselves.
I know that Heavenly Father and his sonJesus Christ live, and that we can become just like them.
Our lives don't just effect just our lives but the decisions we make changes the lives of others as well. I know that I wouldn't be as happy as I am now, if I didn't serve a mission.
I love my family and their support for me while I have served. I don't know what I would do with out them. They are my rock as well as my Savior. He has been there with me everyday on my mission and even before, I just sometimes couldn't see it.
I love this gospel and this is the only true complete church on earth today.
I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
I love you all! I will see you on Friday.
레벳 자매