Monday, August 10, 2015

2015-7-9 Transferred

Hey Family!
This week we had transfers.  I got to say bye to all my friend back in 부천 and said hello to all my old ones in 영등포. I am now on my 9th companion. Her name is Sister Tuinukuafe. But I just call her Sister Tui ㅎㅎ She is from Austrailia. She is tongan. :) We are going to have a lot of fun together. So Sister Stastny (my old companion) was her trainer and she just went home last week. I can't believe how fast time is flying. Wednesday I hit my year mark. I am exactly how Sister Stastny was to me when she greenie broke me. This next week is going to be a little crazy. We have MLC and then we have zone training and this is my first so I don't know exactly what I am doing. Haha I sometimes feel llike I am running around like I am a headless chicken. At first things were really hard for me. I didn't want to come back to Yeongdong-po at first because of a lot of different reasons but when I went to church on Sunday I just loved them all over again. I know this transfer is going to be a lot fun. A lot of people don't get this opportunity to go back to an area they already served in so I am going not going to take it for granted. I really excited to get some people baptized here. 
When I arrived her they had one investigator and I have been trying to contact her but she has reached back to me. So me and my companion are making specific goals on what we want to do and how we are going to find them. We are trying to be really specific. I just really want to show God that I want to leave this area better than the first round I left. So we are going to be working hard. And now I have a little bit of more stress (not bad stress 그냥 stress ㅎㅎ)  because I want to really help the sisters in our zone, and I feel sometimes that inadequate to help them, but it is going to work out. Yesterday after church we talked with our President and he gave me a lot of advice. I love President Morrise. He really is like our Dads away from home and gives us really good advice ;) 
Not much has happened.. Just trying to re-adjust to everything again. 
I love you all! 
READ YOUR SCRIPTURES! I am serious! They are great. :) 
I pray for you all, you better be feeding the missionaries there! ㅎㅎ
Sister Leavitt
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