Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hello Family & Friends

So this week went really slow because it was the Chinese New Year and it is Huge here. So now one was out in the street and everything was closed until today. So we didn't get to see or meet a lot of people. But.... We had another baptism!! WHOOT WHOOT!!

We have been meeting 조하니 자매님 (sister Jo Ha Ni) for only a few weeks now. She was a referral from another missionary because she moved into our area. So all we had to do was teach the 5th lesson and get a baptism date. She has been pushing back the date with the other missionaries because she really doesn't want to break any commandments after she gets baptized. When she was worried about stuff like that I knew she was ready. She really lives a good life and wants to do good. She just wanted to make sure everything was for sure before she went through with it. She prayed and prayed and she finally decided on this date. Me and my companion weeks early made a goal to have her get baptized on this date but we never reach out the invitation for this day. We kept asking to do it few weeks earlier but then she finally texted us the date she had prayed about and it was the day our original goal was. So that was really cool. She is a super sweet girl. I am excited for her journey ahead. I felt the spirit strong in her baptism. It reminded me of my own baptism. I am living my baptismal covenants everyday. Remembering the promises we made with our Heavenly Father can really make this easier in life. Just live as the Savior would. I am slowly learning this. Sometimes it is really hard to do this. I want to be my crazy immature self but I am learning that I must act as the Savior would but still have my own personality. 

So as you can see from the picture, I also got a new companion. This is my 3rd three some since I have been in country. She is my 5th companion. That is more than a lot of people who are older than me in the mission. But she is super nice. Her name is Sister Nebeker. She is from Salt Lake. She has been out for 9 months. She is the cutest nicest thing ever. She is 22 and has done A LOT before her mission like went to China to be an English teacher. Us 3 are working really well together. I am excited to see what we can do.

Also this week we had Zone Activity. Because no one could teach because everyone was celebrating the New Year, we all went hiking and watched "Meet the Mormons". I never even knew they had this movie in theaters. (you all should see it, it is way good!) We had our zone training on the mountain looking out at Korea. Well you couldn't really see Korea but you could see something that they were building and just a lot of country so it was really pretty. We called it our "Sermon on the Mount." (but not in a disrespectful way) 

The rest of the week was pretty boring. Life is good. Korean is hard. Companions are awesome. I love my mission!!
Everyone be safe. Go to church, read your scriptures, say your prayers, and go to the temple.

I LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU! I pray for each one of you! Have an awesome week!


Sister Leavitt
Hiking with my District

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