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Okay this week went by so fast! So to start off the week we did a lot of searching. We have been running down on investigators and this month we are doing a 40 days of fasting for new investigators. But we didn't seem to find any. 

We did however, get to see Valeria. She is our Russian investigator. She is the funniest/bluntest person. She has been investigating for maybe over a year and some things are just really hard for her to grasp. She is though probably more faithful than a lot of members. Anyways, we watched Legacy with her. THE GREATEST DECISION EVER!! hahah she was like the commentary behind it. I t was really good. She learned a lot from the cheesy movie. But we love spending time with her and I will definitely be friends with her after my mission.

Okay Tuesday was the worst day.
I woke up at 6:30 and began by exercise. We had already done the full 30 minutes of exercise and I decided to do a little extra and I was doing sit ups and my hands where above my head and I guess I might of done it too fast because I ripped my back. It hurt sooo bad. At first (just like my ankle incident) it didn't hurt but when I moved it was this horrible pain. I just fell to the floor on my stomach. the rest of the day for the next 24 hours I was switching back and forth from stomach to back laying on my bed. Every once in awhile We would put a hot bad then some frozen vegetables on it. It was thee worst. For the next couple of days it would hurt. But the strangest thing was that as I was on my stomach with the ice pack on my back. I prayed. It wasn't a long prayer but I just didn't want to have to go to the hospital. (they don't have clinics) And on my left side of my back I could feel this tingly feeling, like I could feel it being healed. The next morning that side of my back didn't hurt. I will say though, that my left side of my back still hurts every once in awhile but that was a miracle. I didn't think I was going to be able to walk for a few days but look I walked to the PC baong. I am fine :) 
Bad Back

Down for a couple days

This week we had a lot of good lessons. Everyone seems to progressing really well. Our 10 year old investigator got her answered about the Book of Mormon. She said that when she prayed about it she felt warmth and really good about it. So we are excited about that :)

Saturday, I went on exchanges with my Sister Training Leader. She came to our area with my other 2 companions and I went to her area with her Korean greenie. It was sooo much fun! I just want to share one funny story that happened while we were there. So we went to a potential investigators house. She fed us μˆœλŒ€ which is this sausage that is meaty and fatty. It is the Pig Intestine. This was my first time eating it. In Korea it is very very popular. I thought I was going to hate it because usually is is running and bloody but mine was actually really good. So after we ate sundey. ( don't know how to spell that in English) We were talking to her and I mentioned what I did to my back earlier that week. She then runs to her bathroom grabs her toothbrush pull up my shirts (garments and all) and places her toothbrush on my back. I had no idea what she was doing. I was afraid at first. She then tell us that her toothbrush has a lazer on it and it can cure anything. She tell us all these experiences that she has had with the toothbrush and I was so confused. But to make her happy I turned on the lazer and put it on my back. Koreans have a cure and a solution for everything! hahahaha

But that was my week. 

Oh yeah...... I AM FINALLY TRANSFERRING!! I am going to λΆ€μ²œ (Bucheon) I have been in the Seoul city area my whole mission and now I am going a little farther out that isn't too city like (at least that is what I have heard) I am really going to miss my companions though! They are so much fun! When we got our transfer call they first told me I was going to be companions with Sister Holt and I was freaking out! I went to tell her but the APs actually messed up, I guess LeVitre and Leavitt are too similar so I spent like 20 minutes thinking I would be companions with my best friend in the mission but they had to call us all back and fix the mistake...hahaha dang it! Soo close.;)

Sister Holt

Okay my commitment to you all is to spread the word about the new Mormon Message. It is about His Resurrection. It is an amazing video. Remember why we celebrate Easter. #BecauseHeLives The church is going all out this year with it. We have to hand out a lot of things to get people to watch it. Next Sunday, all over Youtube it will be advertised. It is going to be the homepage. So spread the word. Make our lives easier as missionaries. ;) 
I know He lives. Happy Easter!!


Sister Leavitt

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