Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hey familly!!

This week I have like no time to write a whole email again. I know sad. With our zone we are going to the zoo and it about 2 hours away so we can't stay long too long. (Yeah we were going to go last week but we took the wrong subway so we went to China Town instead)

We watched conference this week. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I really loved it! I will say the Saturday session didn't apply much too me because it was about marriage and family but I did still get a little out of it for my and my companion :)

I really liked how the Sunday session was based on the how the simple basic truths is all we need to focus on in the church. It is good to know all the details but just like me as missionary, we only teach the simple things because that is when the Holy Ghost speaks to us the best. And that is the answer I needed. This last transfer it has been really hard for me to teach. I always want to get into things that aren't really necessary for people to hear... I think that is why I was sent to Korea to help people but not to overbear them but because of my small knowledge of Korean I can't expound on too much. :)  I also learn that we each must have a testimony of the atonement and what it means to us. I have had a pretty decently good easy life. I never have had to use it as much as I have on my mission. I never realized how much "disobedient" I was before my mission. The point of the atonement is so that we can become like God. That is why the fall happened. Christ literally broke the bands of death that we are just in a free fall. Because we can be forgiven and now that we know good and evil we can one day return to the presence of our Heavenly Father. 

Because we have been white washing I have not had any lessons this week. We had one and today (actually while I have been writing this email) I realized that the things that I learned in Conference, must be applied in my mission. I think the Lord needs me to be prepared with my lesson plans and my simple doctrine so that when my companion leaves this transfer I will be able to take over. I have not been able to teach at all! It is crazy. I really know that the Lord is blessing me each day that I am able to teach because it really isn't not me doing it. :) So if you could pray that I can learn how to teach this week. I would love it so that I can be more prepared for people. 
In my first transfer my Zone Leader once told me that if I am prepared with just one lesson plan that God will give me someone who needs to hear exactly what I prepared for, nothing more. That can be applied to life. We must all have our personal testimony of the simple doctrine so that when we are in certain situations that we maybe able to overcome them or help someone else understand more fully.

I really do love my mission. My companion is awesome. I haven't really told you much about her yet. She is flawless in Korean. I kill her this transfer. She is an amazing singer and love soccer. She is almost as weird as me and she does a killer Brian Regan impersonation. She is not trucky at all. She is one of the hardest working missionaries out there and she is great at talking to people. Which I am not. I thought I was until I became companions with her ;)

So I love you all. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Gain that testimony for yourself; don't rely on others. 

I love and miss you all sooo much!! Be safe! 


Sister Leavitt


                                               In China Town

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