Thursday, May 14, 2015


Hello 가족, (ka jok)

Happy Late Valentine's Day (for missionaries this day is really weird haha)

So this week was too eventful. We got our transfer calls yesterday. Me and Sister Stastny are staying together and...... We are getting another companion!! I am in a 3 some AGAIN!! So this is my 4th transfer here in Yeongdung-po and This is my 3rd three some. Hahah I have had more companions than a lot of people in our mission. But it will be fun. We really needed it because we are in charge of two wards. So this week is  솔날 (I am not sure I spelled that right) It is the Korean New Year. So everyone here goes home to their families and the just like eat all day for 3 days. It is bigger than Christmas here. So we are going to have a Zone Activity and go hiking and watch Meet the Mormons. So it should be a really fun day. 

This week we spent a lot of time with one of young woman and ( ahhh I can't concentrate right now someone is smoking indoors and my head hurts. *picture this* I have my shirt up covering my nose and I smell like one of the Grandmas here, people smoke here all the time, sometimes we get a lot in our apartment from our next door neighbor through the vents. Smoking is not good for you. Spread the word.... AHH IT SOO BAD) Anyways, this young women really wants to become a missionary and she has been working with us. It is really fun to see her grow when she works and teaches with us. 
I have been praying and been hearing a lot about this lately but we all need to be member missionaries. We just need that desire to want to bring others unto Christ. But we first but have our own desires to come unto him as well. That means: Reading our scriptures EVERYDAY and praying and going to church and actually listening. I have been learning something new everyday here on my mission. I have been praying for you all the have missionary opportunities even if that is to our own families. 
I want you all to read the Book of Mormon slowly and really understand what it is saying. I always just read it but didn't understand it. Many people say it is hard but it really isn't if you are studying out the words that they are saying. I find the Book of Mormon to actually be quite entertaining.. reallly! It is interesting and there are things I didn't even know existed in it. Just as I keep telling you this... The Book of Mormon is true and I really want you all to have a DESIRE to read it.. Start from the beginning and I am going to ask you again next week where you are :)

I just really want you all to have the desire to improve yourselves. I read today A LOT about desire. Desire leads us to FAITH which leads us to REPENTANCE which leads us to SALVATION. I promis no matter what you are going through and even if you aren't going through anything it will enrich and bless your life. 

Okay that is my thought for the week. I really believe this... So family please do this. We can't waste time here on Earth! 

Ohh... this week we have another baptism! WHOOOT WHOOT!! I will tell you next week how it goes! 


Sister Leavitt
Young Women playing soccer. They want to serve a Mission.

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