Friday, October 3, 2014

October 2 2014 One more week. Let the tears begin.


Time is seriously flying by soooo quickly here. I have been loving every minute of my mission. Yes, it is extremely hard and I am not even in the field yet. This week was a good one.

So after our devotional on Sundays we get to watch a video that they let us choose from. This week I rewatched this Elder Bednar talk. It is really a good one. It was talking about how we need to be turning outwards never inwards. And its talks about how when we are on missions it should never be about us. And he used the Sesame Street cookie monster as an example saying,"I want cookie, NOW!" We all need to remember that the Lord as a place and time for everything and we must not be so selfish and looking inwards and start looking outwards to people. So I have been thinking I will not know everything now and my prayers might not be answered now but they will. We are on God's errand and in his own time.

Okay, so I am going to tell you this super funny story but I might warn you it might be a "you had to be there" kind of moments. So me and my companion were teaching our "investigator" and I start off with my sentence that I had been practicing and I say," Today, we are going to teach you about how we are to prepare to meet God." Let me tell you that is a hard sentence because there is a indirect question and you conjugate different things... anyways... SO that was really good and then my companions says,"How do we feel?" and our investigator was confused so she reapeated the question and my companion was like yeah how do you feel? ( she totally meant to say something different) and our investigator was pondering like this is really deep and she was not answering the question so I say." Where are we going?" And she was like Uhhh I am here... I don't know. I figure out she doesn't understand what I am asking so I went to try to say to her, "After we die, where do we go?" but all that came out was 휘 죽여 which mean "haaeee, DIE!" Because I was trying to ask my companion what the word after was and that is what she told me... our investigator just broke and started to laugh soooo hard! So we started laughing because we had no idea what we said soo I hurried and flipped to the scripture I was going to share and try to forget that I just told her die. Seriously the funniest thing.. Sorry it was like a had to be there moment but it was the funniest thing. 

Other than that I am trying to learn new vocab but I don't have the patients because I forget them the next day so we will see how it goes in the field. Ummm... SO... TOMORROW WE GET OUR FLIGHT PLANS! CRAZY, RIGHT!? SO Next P-day I will let you know what time I can call you and such.  I have one and 1/2 more weeks left here. I hate to leave her but I am excited/nervous to leave to! 

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