Monday, October 27, 2014



What? I am in Korea... This is so crazy to me that I am here. Uhh... yeah... I still don't understand a word anyone is saying but I love it here. I also love my new companions. I am in a tri-o. I have my trainer who is Sister Kim and my other companion which is Sister Allred. I am sooooo blessed to have them as my first companions. My trainer works me hard which I love. She is from America but she has lived in Korea and is full Korean so she knows the country and the language super well. I will be her last companion. She will be leaving in December which is super sad!! Sister Allred is awesome!! She works so hard even tho she doesn't think she does. The are too nice to me too!
 I am also blessed to be in the best area in Seoul! 영등포 (yongdunpo) our area has literally everything. The members here are amazing. Even tho there isn't a lot of them. Ohhh... let me just tell you... We are learning KSL. Korean Sign Language. It is way awesome. We are apart of a deaf/Korean ward and english ward (which is huge, about 400 people). It is really awesome. Also in the english ward there are a lot of Filipinos so I probably will learn like one or two words in tigaglyon. (have no idea how to spell that) Like in a few weeks the English ward is singing tigalyon music in one of our firesides I think so... yeah. A lot of new learning. We also see a lot of Chinese and Japanese people. My companion knows a little bit of both so I hope to pick up on some of that as well. 
This week was crazy good. So we first started off the plan by proselyting on the subway and then going to the Mission home. We had dinner all that fun jazz. Woke up did some meetings and then met our new companions and headed to our new areas. And on our way there had to do more proselyting again. The next day we met with a investigator that I couldn't tell you her name right now because they all kind of sound the same to me at the moment haha. Anyways, we also met with some of the young womens. Every Thursday and Saturday we play basketball with the members and (future) investigators. We also teach a english class every Thursday and Saturday which is really cool. I never thought I would be using so much English here. But I am striving to get better at my Korean. Hahaha it is funny because sometimes when we are proselyting I only know like two phrases when we are handing out our English flyers and our Gospel Question cards and its. "Is your english good?" and when I say that they hurry say no and like run away and I have to chase them to say "its okay we teach English classes" so my trainer said I have to find a new way to say that because it is intimidating hahah. The other thing I know how to say is " can you play basketball well" to invite them to basketball but most people don't understand me enough so I get embarrassed and start laughing and they get all confused and walk away. Ohh I guess there is another thing I do say and I say it wrong every time is. Have you had these questions before?" (pointing to the question card) They never understand so they eventually take it and hurry off. I actually like proselyting but the only hard part is keeping a conversation. So that is when Sister Kim does her magic and gives them a Book of Mormon. So that what I do is scare them until Sister Kim comes and saves them. hahaha
Ummm... food here is amazing... I haven't had anything too weird yet. One night as like a 10 o'clock snack we had octopus jerky... It was weird but they made me still eat it haha.. 

This week week we have a lot of service for members I will send you pictures of them and the stuff we did.

Keep me updated on life! Love you all! Be Safe!! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

레벳 서매

Sister Kim and Sister Allred

 Our apartment from the outside. We are on the very top floor on the corner so we have many widows to see the outside it is awesome!!

Looking at the Sunrise from my Apartment

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