Friday, October 3, 2014

Crazy lady spying on Hanna

On thursday morning I received Hanna's email.  She told me that she goes to the Temple on P-days around 2:00, so what does any abnormal loving mother do? I thought it would be fine to Spy. Hey, don't judge me, she leaves for South Korea in a week.  I just wanted to make sure she had all her fingers and toes. Kind of like when they are born.  Just wanted to check.  So I parked in a parking lot across from the Temple. I was so far away you could barely see it.  There was a road, a huge grass area, and a parking lot separating me from any unsuspecting victims.  I watched the Missionaries as they exited the Temple. They walked off the grounds down to the road on the grass and made a left to the sidewalk and then turned right and headed to the MTC. I was not in the line of fire so I  hunkered down as if I was in a fox hole and aimed my camera.  After an hour and half I saw her come out. Grant it, I was looking through a 400mm lens. I couldn't see her with the naked eye but with my stalking equipment I was able to find her.  When she came out she didn't go as the other Missionaries had. She came straight across the grass and headed straight for me.  She kept looking at the car and then would stop look and then walk again. Finally she met up with some other Sister and walked on down.  I thought I was so busted. I drove around the Temple and headed home. When I got to the light directly in front of the MTC I came to a slow stop.  I looked to my left and there at the cross walk was Hanna I honked and waved as I drove through. I could hear her yelling, "I told them that was my crazy Mother. I knew that was you!!" Awwwwwww I'm so happy.  I could see all her fingers and toes and she was smiling the whole way. Notice the one picture. She actually stopped to smell the Roses. That's our Girl. Love her so much. 

Waiting and Waiting

Smelling the Roses

Her and Sister Johnson

Stop Stop Turn Turn

This is where I wanted to run after her!

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