Monday, November 17, 2014

November 16, 2014

Nov. 16

Hello everyone!!

This week was a not too eventful. This week we had to perform in the Stake Relief Society Musical Festival. Hahaha that was too funny. We didn't have much time to plan and our young women didn't really know how to dance but it was still so much fun to do. We performed to a Korean song call,"Must have love" hahaha it is kind of a carol. Look it up and just imagine us and the young women in our ward trying to dance/sing to it and then spraying snow from a can bottle.. Yeah, it was pretty interesting. 
Anyways, last week we went ice skating for P-day and there were sooo many skaters there like being trained. Koreans are extremely talented! I used my Go-Pro mom, don't worry, I have some videos of it.

It is starting to get cold. Here are a few pics. 
Eating with a member at a Pig Meat place.  We ate pig leg/foot
My Companions and Mission President and his wife

1st time Proselyting

Eating with the District then Service

Hans River

My Bishops wife and his kids

This week, we taught a lot about the Plan of Salvation. I have been gaining even a personal testimony of studying it and sharing it. We taught 김태홍 (kim Tae Hong) again and he just loved it. He asked so many questions and now is contacting us much more about questions he has. In our last lesson with him he said that he really wants to learn from us so we have been trying to bare testimony a lot more when we meet with him and it seems to be working really well. The more I try to share my sincere testimony in Korean the stronger it seems to get. We also met with 강진 자매님
She seems to love the gospel but her spirit seems blue so if you could keep my investigators in your prayers. Oh the family I was talking about last week, the postponed our visits for a few weeks which is really sad. Hopefully we will see them soon. 
I have even seen it when we teach our members. I have realized that even 20 minutes lessons are powerful. When I first went into a 20 minute lesson I thought it was going to be a "practice" lesson for us. It definitely isn't. The more 20 minute lessons we have I have come to realize that they really need to hear the message. Our members are struggling to do their own missionary work and build their own testimonies and I think this really help. So please share just even the smallest thought with anyone I would truly love that.
A lot of our appointments dropped but we saw lots of little miracles. I know the Lord is still watching over us.

I was doing my personal study today and I was reading the New Missionary President Seminar by Russel M. Nelson and it talked about Enduring to the End. 
I just thought I needed to share with you all that temple work is extremely important. We can't endure to the end without temple work.

So to answer all the normal questions:
Yes, the language is still hard. I learning but I am not good at all yet.
Yes, it is getting cold 
Yes, I love my mission. It is hard but I really enjoy every minute of it
Yes, I love the food... except Kimchi which is the most popular thing here. But i am slowly getting used to it
Yes, I LOVE my companions. They work me so hard and are really good supports. We seriously have a lot of fun together

Well that's all I have to say this week! I love you all sooo much!! I forgot my camera today so I will send pictures next week!!

Sister Leavitt

                                                       Salt Lake Airport on her way to Seoul South Korea

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