Thursday, September 11, 2014

Couple little things from her letters. Mom's will like one of them especially.

Hanna's District

Hey family & friends!
This week was a really good week!! We had some awesome devotionals. On Sunday we have been told to start keeping a study journal. It really hit me hard. The point of a study journal is to start to recognize when Heavenly Father is prompting you or blessing you. And to me that is really important. Sometimes when I am here I sometimes "forget" whos work I am doing. I really want you to all to take a moment out of your day and count your blessing that God had given you that day. You would be surprise to see how much he has a hand in each day we live. Since I have started this study journal I have realize that I have promptings. Oh, and I am always have something to say in class. This is usually not really me. I feel that I can feel the spirit prompting me to say things that I normally wouldn't. Also in our devotionals we talked about in-actives. Us, as missionaries are suppose to reach out to those who have been in the church but have lost their way. The speaker had us stand up if we have members in our families who are in-active. EVERY SINGLE MISSIONARY stood up. They told us that we must treat each investigator as if they were our family trying to bring them back to the Lord. I really want you to think about that. Pray for those and guide a hand to those in our family or seem like family to bring them back to him. I think this is really important, because if we can't bring our own family back how are we suppose to bring back others who are not our family.

                                 Poor Hanna………hang in there. 

She worries about me
This is sooooo Hanna.

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