Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday August 28, 2014

My name in Korean

So this week the language has been a little difficult. We are learning sooooo much it is cramming in my skull. Like we are learning grammar structures and how to use different words. They also have multiple number system and they are used for different things. The thing that gets me and Sister Johnson is that we stress out from our lessons with our investigators. So from day 2 we have been teaching lessons in Korean to investigators. It is extremely hard because we can't ever tell what they are asking and we can't ever move on from lesson 1. Our teacher have become our investigators. I just absolutely love my teachers tho. They are very patient with all of us. So we are taught 8 hours of Korean a day so we see them ALOT!! 

But even with all the learning and stressing out... I have come to LOVE the MTC!! I can't tell you all the people I have met and people that I know. Yesterday, I saw Elder Grow walking through the halls of the MTC for his first time. It was actually kind of funny because you know who all the new elders and sister are because of their stickers and so everyone welcomes them and as wee were walking to lunch I was welcoming them and then I like awkwardly stopped and stared and like "Hey, I know you" We shook hands and I wish him luck. haha ( yeah that is how good my stories are going to get) hahaha There is not much that goes on. Each day is the same. You learn. You Stress. You are happy. It is like a rollercoaster each day. I thought I would be stressing out even more but I like to think of it as a good kind of stress because I haven't really broke down quite yet and it is just more out of frustrating that I can't tell my Korean investigator everything that I know because I just don't know how to say it. 

Sundays are seriously the best days here. You don't have to worry about anything and the Spirit is soooo strong its ridiculous. I can feel my testimony grow each day. At times I feel that I am not gettting anything from the spirit but then I look back at what I knew just a week ago and things and just progressing more and more each day. Faith, Hope, and Work is key. Yesterday my district was stressing out really bad so Brother Hone had to stop his discussion and talk to us. Pretty much in summary he told us to put everything out on the table. Don't look back on your mission and wished you would have worked harder. Make goals and learn to overcome trials. I am now in the mind set that I must learn to push myself past the limits that I think I have. Go out of my comfort zone and get to work. 
I LOVE AND MISS YOU SO MUCH! I pray for you and I hope everything is going well! Please tell me everything that is going on outside the MTC! Be safe!

Sister Leavitt


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