Monday, January 5, 2015

North Korean Border!

Okay this week has been interesting... So last P-day .. I literally went to the border of North Korea. There is this exhibit there that you can look across the water and watch people. :The crazy part about it is that all the buses left when we came out so we were stuck there. It was on the foggiest of days and it was the eeriest expereince. We had to sit there for an our in the middle of now where next to the barbe wired fence that seperated North Korea and South Korea. There military men everywhere and we couldn't go back inside because the exhibit closed.. CRAZY, right?! We almost had to hitch hike back and we got into someone's car but then someone found the taxi's number and we had to wait there for another 30 minutes until it came to pick us up. Seriously this was like a scene in the movies. Let me discribe you the setting. So there are 3 white girls and 1 Korean standing on the snow on the side of the street. Probably one of the coldest and foggiest days since I have been in Korea. You could hear dogs barking 100 meters away. Occasionally you woud see a baby deer prance across the empty street. You would see a car pass drive every 20 minutes and you had to just sit and wait. 1/4 mile away you could see the fence tat kept North Korea and South Korea divided. Hahah okay seriously it was spooky but so funny.. I will send you pictures. I also gave out my Book of Mormon to the Taxi Driver and he seemed really happy to receive it. So the power of getting stranded.


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